Rotating & Stationary Caterpillars


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Business Profitability


Safety Optimization


Investment Vision

Technical Data

These machines, which are the basic equipments of cable production lines, have to be strong and safe in their function. It is important that cable factories’ re-organizing their lines, increase their capacity, upgrade and modernize these equipments, and meet the task required. In investment optimizations they are aimed at maximizing the benefits of re-using existing equipments and adding new equipments. Pratech has a different position in the sector with it’s original designs, quality and reliable products in the supply of these products.

The most important features of these designs are; easy system integrations, practical use and ergonomic structures. They are important contributers to the maximal output of the production, with modernized additives tht raise production standarts. It fulfills it’s mandate as a determining partner with a halistic understanding of duty and operational team in meeting the mahine-equipments and automation requirements of the production lines to be upgraded or updated.

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