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Drum Twisting Lines are the classical and essential elements of the sector with it’s versalite usage characteristics during the production phase of high cros-section cables. This category of machines is a multipurpose widespread choice that can be used in the twisting of insulated round and sector shaped conductors, in the armouring, screening and taping of large diameter cables, in the stranding of high voltage conductors (milliken). Pratech has reached the safest level among alternatives with it’s strong and stable designs for the twisting of this category of cables.

Stranding Style

Drum Twister Lines are the lines which are more properly used for flexible strandings and armouring of higher cross sectional cables, and in stranding of sector shaped cables.

MISSIONSInsulated Round Laying-UpInsulated Sector Shaped Laying-UpNon-Insulated Sectoral Twisting (Milliken)Armouring Screening Taping
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