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Portal Pay Off / Take Up

They are among the basic equipments of cable production. They can be used in a wide range of sizes. Large diameter and high tonnage cables are involved in the production phase. They are the most characteristic of being strong and stable, ensuring uninterrupted production and enviromental safety.

Stationary Pay Off / Take Up

Equipment that can meet the mechanical requirements of a fast-running mission on a production lines that require high-speed. They perform the tasks of unwinding and winding low cross-section cables. It is important that they are stable and resistant to vibration. They are the basic feature of having high production and enviromental safety standarts.

Fork Pay Off / Take Up

It has a wide use in the medium speed range of cable production. They are used in a wide range of sizes. They undertake task for a low tonnage cables in the production phase. It has a high enviromental safety standart and guarantees uninterrupted production.

Consol Pay Off

Commonly, they undertake task for unwinding Low cross-section cables in the twisting phase. Low investment costs, practical use and ergonomic structure are the choosing reason. They are basic equipments for ensuring the continuity of stranding quality.

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