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Flayer Pay Off

They are simple and highly functional auxiliary equipment that provides continous and non-stop operation, which is preferred over the requirements of cable and wire unwinding. When the production lines are made multipurpose, they act as multypurpose

Basket Pay Off

They are the most efficient unwinding equipments of cable armour operations. Low investment costs, without alternatives in free of waste operation, and short preperation times on used lines give priority to preference.

Multi Pay Off

These are the unwinders needed to be used in drum and single twisting lines for screening and flet wire armouring of cables. With it’s powerful operational style, it is active producing efficient and quality products.

Pre Twisting

They hve an important role to add additional features to Double twist stranding lines. The ability to eliminate unwanted stresses in the strands provides a significant advantage in enhancing product quality.

Stranding Block

It is a simple but basic equipment for stranding operations. Cable stranding, armouring and screening differ from each other, and the equipment used in these tasks also varies.

Tension Control Unit

Tension control is the most important element of stranding operations. For this reason, they fulfill their tasks successfully in order to achieve high production quality.

Compacting Unit

Compacting of high cross-section cables diameters reduce the production and material costs. They perform their tasks with continuous and high precision.

Rotating Dancer

They are the main elements of single twist strander lines. It ensures that cable tension is controlled with high precision. It is preferale for providing high safety standarts and continous production.

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