In 2005, Pratech was launched in the global city of Istanbul by it’s administrative, engineering and technical staff, who had long years of experience in virtually all fields of the cable industry. With its advanced engineering profile, innovative vision on technology, and the outstanding projects it has accomplished in several different countries, Pratech has become recognized as an international brand.

Pratech’s brand and corporate mission is defined as:

  • Transforming it’s knowledge into a futuristic manufacturing perspective,
  • Maintenance and continous development of professionalism at work,
  • Bringing competitive products in terms of production quality and pace, and operating efficiency in the sector.

Customer satisfaction and increased confidence achieved by Pratech has enhanced it’s position and trademark quality in the cable industry.

About Us

The meeting point of the continents; Pratech, operating in İstanbul, is the global brand of cable mnufacturing sector with innovative technology and world-class production principles.

The production principles of Pratech; defines as faster and safer production, innovative technology applications, realistic engineering solutions, the patented developed products for low cost production, maximized equipment, the highest level of efficiency and easy manageable system.

Our Vision

Pratech deepened the engineering concept of cable strands, inspired by the spiral structure of DNA. The one who dominates the stranding technology and reads the genetics of production; has developed methods of perfects solutions.

It designed by re-interpreting the future production parameters of mechanical and electrical engineering genes in new age industry. Thus, Pratech makes it possible to achieve dynamic balancing of the maximized production depending on the type of product, production conditions or market effects.

R&D Activities

Development of new products, processes and technical solutions and continuous improvement of currents.

Valuable Ideas

We pave the way for turning ideas into amazing products. From sourcing up to market-ready products innovations.

Excellent Timing

Using the latest technology, Pratech specializes in timing and time management to help customers with their projects.

Budget Friendly

Pratech offers budget friendly prices and always on the hunt for the most affordable ways for our customers.



Pratech deepened the engineering concept of cable stands, inspired bu the spirals structure of DNA. The one who dominates the stranding technology and reads the genetics of production; has developed methods of perfect solutions.

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